Miss Interlake Pageant

Miss Interlake

The Miss Interlake Pageant is a competition among eligible young women to determine a suitable representative for the Interlake. She will serve as an official representative at many festivals and events during the reigning year. She will also be eligible to run for Miss Manitoba. Miss Interlake will be expected to have grace, poise, and the ability to meet and communicate with people.

Contestants for Miss Interlake are judged in 4 different categories. They are the Talent Competition, Personal Interview, Sportswear/Dress Review and Impromptu Speech. Confidence, poise, talent, grooming, personality and intellect are important qualities on which contestant will receive points by the judges.

Miss Interlake

Miss Interlake Itinerary for the Day

9:00 am – Talent Competition

Location: Lundar Arena

In the Talent Competition contestants demonstrate their ability to perform. You may choose music, dance, speech arts, demonstration, or play an instrument . Be creative! In passed years we have seen art displays, discus throw and even a dog show. Contestants may wear what is suitable to their talent. Please try to be there early as it is better for your composure. At this time, contestants will receive their sash and corsage.
Winner of the portion of the competition will be asked to perform again in the Lundar Arena.

11:00 am – Fair Parade

You will board the Miss Interlake Float and head to the school grounds for the parade. You will have time to change at the Legion before we go. You can wear a summery dress or your gown. Be prepared and bring sun screen and an umbrella. Winner of the portion of the competition will be asked to perform again in the Lundar Arena.

11:45 am – Lunch

Location: Legion Hall

A cold lunch will be provided for you and two guests. Enjoy and relax!

12:45 pm – Personal Interviews

Location: Lundar Arena

Interviews are an opportunity for the judges to spend individual time with each contestant. Candidates are asked questions relating to values, world events, and knowledge and value of living in the Interlake. At this time you will draw your question for the impromptu speech you will be giving in the Arena at around 3:00pm. After your interview you may change into your sportswear at the Arena.

3:00 pm – Sportswear/ Dress Review

Location: Lundar Arena

Modeling takes the form of two sections. The first is sportwear, where the contestants model the clothing of the sport of their choice. Secondly, is evening wear where contestants model their gowns.

Please note that there is a dressing room for the contestants to change clothes. The winner of the Talent Competition will also perform on the stage at this time.

3:30 pm – Impromptu Speech

Location: Lundar Arena

Each contestant will take the stage and the MC will ask her the question that she drew earlier in the day. You only need to speak on your topic for 1-2 minutes.

3:45 to 5:00pm – Judges deliberate

Contestants choose Miss Congeniality and Photo opportunities. Various photos are taken at various locations. Contestants are expected to stay with the group at all times.

5:15pm – Crowning of Miss Interlake!

At this time we Crown Miss Interlake, runner up, and Miss Congeniality. The freestone performers are almost always running late so don’t expect to be done soon after 5:00pm. Prizes are also awarded at this time.

We are very proud of the great selection of gifts and money that are donated by various businesses and individuals. Every contestant that participates will receive gifts, they are on display at the Home Living Section during the fair.

Miss Interlake – Past Title Holders

Miss Interlake Winners from the past 51 years!

1968 – Gloria Mager Inwood
1969 – Phyllis Furness Stonewall
1970 – Sigrid Johnson Arborg
1971 – Sheryl Backman Lundar
1972 – Nancy Henderson Stonewall
1973 – Sharon Lindsay Warren
1974 – Shaunda Panteluk Gimli
1975 – Karen Landry Ashern
1976 – Karen Burch Grosse Isle
1977 – Colleen Fjeldsted Gimli
1978 – Deborah Kiel Teulon
1979 – Susan McGillis Eriksdale
1980 – Lori Ellison Teulon
1981 – Kathy Kostyshyn Lundar
1982 – Lorna Smith Grosse Isle
1983 – Caroline Pollitt Grosse Isle
1984 – Kim Panteluk Gimli
1985 – Lorraine Johnson Ashern
1986 – Audra Smith Grosse Isle
1987 – Tanis Konzelman Ashern
1988 – Tammy Stark Teulon
1989 – Helen Simpson Teulon
1990 – Heather Kirby Lundar
1991 – Jennifer Dixon Lundar
1992 – Stacey Eichler Teulon
1993 – Kathy Croy Stonewall
1994 – Sheila Hunter Warren
1995 – Marla Janzen Arborg
1996 – Crystal Anderson Moosehorn
1997 – Kelly Campbell Teulon
1998 – Bonnie Henry Woodlands
1999 – Angela Hubbard Woodlands
2000 – Heather Friesen St. Laurent
2001 – Katie Bennett Clarkleigh
2002 – Karli Flinta-Murphy Eriksdale
2003 – Sheena Gumbrill Eriksdale
2004 – Brandy Kinkead Eriksdale
2005 – Kaelene Forsyth Erikisdale
2006 – Amie Melnychuk Gunton
2007 – Brittany Howelko Stonewall
2008 – Avery Simundsson Arborg
2009 – Brandy Kirby Eriksdale
2010 – Bonnie Schott Warren
2011 – Samantha Bottrell Eriksdale
2012 – Rachael Ward Teulon
2013 – Megan Parkes Eriksdale
2014 – Jerrica Forsyth Eriksdale
2015 – Avery Haldorson Ashern
2016 – Jordahn Lynch Lundar
2017 – Christine Kilpatrick Teulon

Miss Interlake Expectations and Prizes

Expectations of the Contestants

    • Be able to be at the Lundar Agricultural Fair during the competition times
    • Perform at the Talent Showcase in the Arena.
    • Ride on the Miss Interlake Float for the fair parade.
    • Attend luncheon at the Legion Hall.
    • Have an interview with the judges.
    • Do an Impromptu speech in the Arena.
    • Participate and have clothing for Sportswear/Dress review in the Arena.
    • Be there for the crowning of Miss Interlake.
    • Smile and be ready for many photo opportunities throughout the day.
    • Have Fun! Be an enthusiastic contestant for your sponsor and community.
    • 2 free weekend passes to Lundar Agricultural Fair

    Responsibilities of Miss Interlake

      • Give a few words of thanks upon being crowned.
      • Be available after crowning for photographs.
      • Participate in various events throughout the Interlake.
      • Be at the Lundar Fair the following year and participate in the day’s events.
      • Crown the New Miss Interlake!


        Miss Interlake will receive approximately $1000.00 bursary and prizes.

        1st Runner up receives approximately $500.00 bursary and gifts
        2nd Runner up receives approximately $250.00 bursary and gifts.

        Gifts for “ Most entertaining Talent” and Miss Congeniality.

        All candidates receive gifts and flowers

        Questions or Concerns about the Miss Interlake Pageant?

        Tara Law

        Ph: (204) 739-6376

        Email: missInterlake@outlook.com